X-Ray Organ Localization and Identification 

Cognex Deep Learning locates the region of interest in an X-ray despite a visually confusing and poorly contrasted background

Cognex Medical Imaging detecting spine xray issues

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It can be difficult to locate a specific region of interest in an X-ray, such as a particular organ, due to a confusing and poorly contrasted background or other image quality issues. Deep learning-based image analysis combines the flexibility of a human inspector with the speed and robustness of a computerized system to solve this challenge. Cognex Deep Learning location tool is able to locate a specific organ by learning the distinguishing features of that area while ignoring irrelevant features.

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The location tool finds complex features and objects by learning from annotated images. To train the location tool, all you need to provide are images where the targeted features are marked. Self-learning algorithms are then able to locate different types of organs or implants on very noisy backgrounds of X-ray images or other complex objects in bulk.

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