OLED Display Lamination Alignment

Cognex technology aligns two parts relative to one another 

Relative Pose Alignment

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OLED manufacturers require vision-guided motion control to align two parts relative to one another. This is known as relative pose alignment and occurs when both parts need to be accurately located before alignment. Relative pose alignment is commonly required during OLED display manufacturing when a panel or parts are fed to the machine from trays, and the alignment system needs to locate both parts in relation to one another. OLED applications which involve relative pose alignment include OLED panel front-end manufacturing, as well as lamination, bonding, and frame attachment.

Cognex offers electronic hardware and OLED display manufacturers relative pose alignment capabilities with its high-precision, multi-camera motion control and alignment solution, AlignPlus. AlignPlus aligns components relative to each other using unified multi-camera motion stages. With AlignPlus, PatMax and LineMax tools acquire robust feature locations which are combined with Auto-Calibration technology. Results are then translated to calibrated motion coordinates for micron-level accuracy relative pose alignment.

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OLED Panel Front End Production

  • AlignPlus performs relative pose alignment during multiple vapor deposition stages and encapsulation.
  • AlignPlus achieves better than 5-micron accuracy in the alignment of the panel’s many film layers.

Display Lamination

  • Motion stage moves and rotates the display so that it is in the correct position to receive layers of film.  
  • AlignPlus laminates the touch sensor panel (TSP) onto the cover glass using relative pose alignment.  
  • AlignPlus laminates the cover glass and TSP to the OLED panel with an optically clear adhesive (OCA) film adhesive using relative pose alignment.  


  • AlignPlus bonds the flexible PCB (FPCB) onto the TSP and cover glass using relative pose alignment.  
  • AlignPlus bonds flex on chip (FOC) and flex on glass (FOG), which require relative pose alignment.

Cover Glass Assembly

Final Assembly

  • AlignPlus aligns modules and sub-assemblies onto a consumer electronic device’s housing.
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