Connector Pin Inspection

Confirm part uniformity with 3D laser profiling

Connector pin inspection

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3D-L4000 with VisionPro

3D laser displacement sensor with PC-based development environment

Any parts with connector pins that need to be inserted into a board or other connection, whether OEM or original, need to have the pin orientation and height confirmed before insertion. Bent or missing pins are fairly easily detected, but pins of slightly incorrect height can have equally serious effects. A short pin will result in a missing connection, while a high pin can result in the other pins failing to connect. Slight height variations can result in voltage drops or intermittent and hard-to-trace faults. Once the pins are inserted and the assembly incorporated into the device, detection and diagnosis of the fault become significantly more difficult.

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Cognex 3D laser displacement sensors inspect connector pins with micron-level accuracy. They deliver a high-resolution 3D representation of the part that is used to measure the height of the pins and inspect for potential defects. With telecentric optics and high dynamic range (HDR), which adjusts the contrast so bright and reflective features do not create noise, these powerful laser displacement sensors ensure connector pins are manufactured to strict tolerances to optimize product quality.

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