Authenticate consumer products using serialization and UV codes

2D Data Matrix code on plastic bottle illuminated with UV lighting

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DataMan 150/260

DataMan 150/260 Series

High-speed reading of the most challenging 1D and 2D barcodes.

Counterfeit products are a problem in many industries, particularly consumer cosmetics and luxury goods. These items are susceptible to counterfeiting when their origin and authenticity cannot be verified. The consequences of fake products can range from lost revenue to putting users at risk and leading to litigation. Counterfeiting concerns impact not just consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, who are responsible for the individual serialization of their products, but also the distributors and retailers bringing them to market. Many governments have instituted mandatory regulations to deter counterfeiting.

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To combat the distribution of falsified, mislabeled, and potentially hazardous items, CPG manufacturers are turning to item-level serialization and ultraviolet (UV) or invisible codes. A Data Matrix symbology encodes information about the manufacturer, product ID, expiration, and a unique serial number in every finished good. Codes can be printed onto individual items, as well as their packaging. UV codes can be added without compromising the aesthetics of high-end packaging. This makes commonly counterfeited goods traceable at multiple stages of handling and at the point of sale.

Cognex track and trace solutions authenticate and verify consumer products along the supply chain. Image-based barcode readers read codes, even ultra-small codes, quickly and accurately to maximize throughput. They can capture and store images of no-reads or string validation failures to fight counterfeiting. For UV codes, barcode readers using a UV lighting module and lens filter illuminate and quickly decipher the code using high performance decoding algorithms.

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