Stacking Alignment

Machine vision picks and aligns cell sheets

EV Battery Stacking Alignment and Positioning using Cognex Machine Vision

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During stacking, multiple cell sheets need to be sandwiched together such that the separator and electrode (cathode and anode) are joined together without any distortion or stress. In order to function as intended, the cell sheet sandwich requires micron-accuracy alignment of its many cell sheets. This is done by looking at the corners of the cell sheets to align their notches. A pick-and-place robot then picks the sheets and places them onto their destination stage so that they can be stacked together.

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Four stationary Cognex Industrial Cameras (CIC) running VisionPro software are positioned to take a picture of the electrode sheets as they come off the conveyor. PatMax RedLine, the industry gold standard for 2D pattern- matching, identifies the notches’ fiducials, and LineMax locates the intersection points of the edges. Cognex VisionPro allows for rapid integration with a wide assortment of camera and motion stage designs. It delivers high-precision accuracy using multiple cameras that are precisely calibrated to each other and to the motion system. Along with precision and speed, this solution offers the flexibility to handle different camera and motion configurations and scales rapidly for high-volume manufacturing and rapid product change-over.

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