Electrode Tab Distance Gauging

Machine vision gauges the distance between poles to guarantee alignment

EV Battery Electrode Tab Distance Gauging

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After an electrode sheet is slit and notched, lithium-ion cell manufacturers must gauge the width between the copper and aluminum tabs, which are ultimately wound or stacked to become the cell’s positive and negative poles. By measuring the distance between each pole tab, cell manufacturers can ensure that the poles will align properly. Any misalignment could cause a failure of connection. Manufacturers calculate the total length between adjacent electrode tabs with the help of machine vision gauging tools.

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Sophisticated machine vision systems address a number of applications traditionally handled by contact gauging, such as electrode tab distance gauging, without slowing down production. An In-Sight vision system captures images of electrode sheets as they pass through the camera’s field of view and uses gauging tools to measure their features within fractions of a millimeter. The system then locates the center point between the poles in order to measure the pole difference and determine whether these measurements meet specifications. If they do not, the system sends a fail signal to the controller, triggering a reject mechanism.

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