Shipment Verification

Validate orders are fulfilled accurately to avoid fines, rework, and costly recalls

Cigarette Pre-shipment Verification of 1d Barcode using Dataman 260

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Tobacco distributors can represent many different brands or part numbers and must ensure each shipment contains the correct tobacco product. When cigarette cartons, or bundles, are loaded on the automated assembly lines, it is important to verify that the correct brands or models have been processed. If the wrong brands are accidentally shipped, the distributor could face steep fines, unwanted rework, inaccurate selling prices, costly recalls, and damage to the brand reputation.

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Cognex image-based barcode readers help distributors avoid these serious consequences. DataMan barcode readers accurately decipher the laser-printed 1D codes on the cigarette cartons in under 20 ms. These codes contain information on the manufacturer, brand, model, manufactured date and lot that is validated to ensure orders are fulfilled accurately.

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