Pack Wrap Detection

Inspect packs for missing cigarettes or torn wrapping

Cigarette Pack Wrap Detection

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Cigarette pack assembly starts by counting out the right number of individual cigarettes and wrapping them in one or several layers of aluminum and paper. The paper is typically either aluminum, white or black and can be branded or unbranded. If the aluminum or paper is missing or torn, it can cause individual cigarettes to fall out of the pack, clogging the machine and stopping production while maintenance cleans the machine. It can also affect the quality of the cigarettes when they reach the consumer, damaging the brand reputation. Tobacco manufacturers pay close attention to this phase of the assembly process to ensure the packs are perfect and the machine is working at maximum throughput.

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Cognex machine vision systems perform cigarette pack inspections to help tobacco manufacturers avoid selling defective or empty cigarette packs. The In-Sight 7800 vision system checks cigarette packs as they travel at high speed around the assembly wheel, stopping the system in the event of missing or torn wrapping. The integrated light with white LEDs optimizes image formation and minimizes the need for costly external lighting. Using the histogram and contrast tools easily configured in In-Sight Explorer software, the In-Sight 7800 solves this application.

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