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Tote Routing

Divert totes to the correct lane or zone despite barcode wear, damage, or orientation

Barcode reader reading a 1D barcode on a tote

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Like most automated order fulfillment operations, pharmaceutical distribution centers (DCs) structure conveyor systems to automatically lane divert or zone route orders to pack stations, storage areas, or trucks. Orders are placed in totes, or hoppers, that include a barcode label for identification and tracking. The totes withstand heavy handling, but after extended use their labels often suffer scratches, wear, and other damage, making reading them with laser-based barcode readers less reliable. This can result in totes being unnecessarily diverted to the jackpot or hospital lane to be manually processed, reducing throughput, and risking product degradation, particularly if that lane is not in a temperature-controlled environment.

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Cognex fixed-mount barcode readers reliably decipher individual and serialized 1D and 2D barcodes for accurate tote routing. Image-based barcode readers not only correctly read worn, ripped, and occluded codes at a wide range of label positions and orientations to ensure proper and fast processing, they also store images of any no-read or low-quality barcodes for process improvement. Fixed-mount barcode readers can be installed across a DC at single reader scan points, or as part of a multi-sided tunnel.

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