Easily Migrate to Android Using Modular Smartphone Solutions

transitioning from android to a Cognex mobile device

In today’s shifting technological landscape, manufacturers have plenty of motivation to migrate to modular smartphone technology. Purpose-built devices simply don’t cut it in a fast-moving technology environment. Workers view their smartphone user experience as far superior to currently deployed line-of-business devices. Plus, smartphones provide faster task completion to move product to customers more quickly. Companies are increasingly looking to apps as a means to boost accurate data entry and increase their perfect order rate. Perhaps most compellingly, for those enterprises already using smart devices, the end of support dates for various Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems are fast approaching.

This means that the time is ripe to migrate platforms. That’s why Cognex has partnered with industry leader Ivanti to easily migrate users away from purpose-built options like Windows Mobile Operating Systems and onto Cognex’s rugged, modular mobile solutions which run Android, a platform that requires minimal training and handles enterprise applications with sophistication and ease. This simple change can ease worker adoption and minimize business disruption.

By transitioning to Android on a Cognex mobile device, customers can enjoy increased productivity and decrease their total cost of ownership. Plus, they get all the benefits of the MX series:

Rugged: The industrial-grade, rugged housing can handle up to 50 drops from 2 meters onto concrete. It is IP65 rated and uses inductive wireless charging so there are no exposed electrical contacts to wear out or fail.

Modular: If your device needs to be repaired or upgraded, simply exchange the top cover kit to adapt MX mobile terminals to any supported mobile device. The modular design means your investment is protected and you are always ready for the latest technology.

Smart: MX vision-enabled mobile terminals are equipped with world-class Cognex barcode algorithms. 1D and 2D label-based codes as well as challenging 2D DPM codes can be read quickly and easily.

It’s time to set aside purpose-built devices and embrace a new, future-proof standard designed for your enterprise applications. Get your new smartphone scanners deployed quickly with Cognex and Ivanti Velocity (powered by Wavelink). Our partnership makes the Android migration easy, importing Windows configurations and maintaining productivity with a familiar interface to minimize business impact.

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