Prefilled Syringe Dimensional Inspection

Easily measure prefilled syringe dimensions and volume

Machine vision measuring features of a syringe

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Prefilled syringes have a number of dimensions that need to be verified before they can be passed, including the distance been the syringe plunger stopper and the liquid in the cylinder.

Perfectly functional syringes vary in barrel length, plunger length, flange thickness, inside and outside barrel diameter, even in the same model. The syringe plunger stopper should be placed so that it is almost but not quite touching the liquid in the barrel. Incorrect placement can result in leakage or contamination if it is too close, and problems with packaging the protruding plunger rod if it is too far. Determining if there is enough headspace can involve either measuring the volume or the distance of the stopper from the end of the cylinder.

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All of the dimensional measurements of the syringe can be performed using the powerful and compact In-Sight 8505P vision system. To overcome the reflections and refractions of the glass, as well as the complexity of stopper and liquid, the In-Sight 8505P is equipped with High Dynamic Range Plus (HDR+) technology. This image formation technology reduces halation and image noise and increases contrast at edges, improving dimensional accuracy while keeping exposure time down. HDR+ differs from standard HDR as it can be done with a single acquisition at high-speed on moving parts, whereas standard HDR would need to be stationary and capture multiple images to obtain the same results.

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