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Wafer and IC Package Identification

Decode wafer ID marks and trace lead frames and IC packages through final assembly and device testing

Wafer and IC Package Identification

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In-Sight 1740 Wafer Readers

With 12 modes of built-in, software-controlled, bright and dark field illumination, In-Sight 1740 series readers can image virtually any ID mark.

Laser marked alphanumeric characters and DataMatrix codes are used to trace wafers, die, lead frames, and integrated circuit (IC) packages throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. A mark’s appearance may degrade during production, becoming difficult to decode.

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Cognex In-Sight 1740 series wafer readers feature advanced algorithms developed specifically for wafer identification, providing both optical character recognition (OCR) and two-dimensional barcode capabilities during front-end and back-end processes. These wafer readers use integrated adaptable lighting and image processing to provide optimal image formation for a variety of marking methods, including alphanumeric and SEMI-T7 DataMatrix codes. The In-Sight 1740 automatically adapts to changes in the mark’s appearance caused by various process steps, thereby reducing no-reads, minimizing the need for machine assists and maximizing machine uptime.

Further along the production process, Cognex DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers trace lead frames, as well as IC packages during final assembly and device testing. Together, In-Sight 1740 and DataMan barcode readers ensure codes are read quickly and accurately, making full wafer-to-package traceability a reality.

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