Airbag Component Inspection

Verify that each airbag meets strict quality control standards

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Airbags are subject to strict quality standards to ensure passenger safety. Because a minor defect in production can influence the cushion’s performance, quality control is vitally important for airbags, especially when it comes to fabrics and seams. The fabric and seams affect the final product and, therefore, must be inspected for features such as stitch length, missed stitching, and other structural issues. These kinds of quality issues are often missed or hard to detect in manual inspection. Rigorous testing and quality control, starting from the yarns used in weaving to the final sewing operation, is necessary.

Cognex vision systems enable manufactures to automate the airbag stitching inspection process and achieve greater accuracy compared to manual inspection. The vision system verifies that airbags meet specification by accurately measuring stitch length and seam location, regardless of material or process variations.

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