Cast Component Inspection

Perform highly accurate dimension verification on cast parts with 3D laser profilers

Cognex 3D Laser Profiler Cam shaft nodes

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Prior to assembly, automated inspections check components for extra material (flashing) or other defects in height, shape, angle, or surface quality caused during the casting process. Even slight dimensional variations can adversely affect product quality, consumer safety, and brand integrity. By gauging their dimensions, machine vision can catch poorly cast parts and reject them before they cause problems. Laser sensing technology has traditionally been used during this stage to verify multiple profiles but has not been able to catch surface defects.

The In-Sight Laser Profiler is ideal for performing highly accurate dimension verification on cast parts, such as a cam shaft. To verify dimensions, a Cognex 3D laser profiler mounted on a robot travels along preselected points of the stationary car doors, generating a 2D profile in x and z. All measurement data is expressed in factory-calibrated real-world units, useful for process control and to catch variations early before they significantly affect manufacturing lines and cause inspection failures.

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