Vision Sensor Tools

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Vision technology plays an important role for even simple inspections

Vision tools are what ultimately set machine vision sensors apart from other sensors. Vision technology plays a very important role for even the most basic presence/absence inspections. Typical vision tools include pattern, pixel count, brightness, contrast, and edge tools. Notably, a vision sensor can inspect multiple targets within a single image, as well as perform multiple inspection types relying on different tools.

How to Use Vision Sensor Tools

Vision sensors can provide information beyond whether a part is simply present or absent. Using an array of vision tools, vision sensors can differentiate between colors, inspect multiple targets, and tolerate misalignment during inspections.

Icon - Pattern

Pattern tool confirms that the gasket is present and installed in the correct area.

Pattern Tool
Icon - Brightness

Brightness tool confirms the presence of all 10 capsules by showing the greatest delta between pass/fail areas.

Brightness Tool
Icon - Contrast

High contrast in the target area indicates the presence of a diode.

Contrast Tool
Icon - Edge

Multiple edge tools measure pixels to detect a clean edge on a drill burr.

Edge Tool
Icon - Pixel

Pixel count tool confirms the presence of 13 separate hole punches within one target by determining pixel value.

Pixel Count
Icon - Color Pixel

Color pixel count tool confirms the integrity of packaging by identifying pixel values of colors trained in the region of interest.

Color Pixel Count
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