Standalone Vision System

Fully equipped and easy to configure systems

Standalone vision systems are cost effective and can be quickly and easily configured. These systems come complete with the camera sensor, processor, and communications. Some also integrate lighting and autofocus optics. In many cases these systems are compact and affordable enough to be installed throughout the factory. By using standalone vision systems at key process points, defects can be caught earlier in the manufacturing process and equipment problems can be identified more quickly. Most offer built-in Ethernet communications, which enables users to not only distribute vision throughout the process, but to link two or more systems together in a fully-manageable, scalable vision area network in which data is exchanged between systems and managed by a host. A network of vision systems can also be easily uplinked to plant and enterprise networks, allowing any workstation in the factory with TCP/IP capability to remotely view vision results, images, statistical data, and other information. These systems offer configurable environments that provide easy guided setup or more advanced programming and scripting. Some standalone vision systems provide both development environments allowing for easy set up with the added power, and flexibility of programming and scripting for greater control of system configuration and handling of vision-application data.

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