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AlignPlus Software

Alignment solution for advanced high-precision flat panel display manufacturing applications

Improve material yields and lower manufacturing costs

AlignPlus software provides the accuracy, flexibility, and scalability to handle the demands of flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing processes such as lamination, polarizer & film attachment, laser cutting, and bonding. It enables rapid deployment without needing experts. Because it can support up to 16 cameras and multiple alignment systems in a single industrial PC, AlignPlus optimizes hardware costs, reduces installation and integration complexity and provides a convenient central dashboard for monitoring operations.

AlignPlus software screen shot
Diagrams of flat panel display manufacturing applications

Exceptional accuracy for high-precision alignment applications

Cognex’s patented PatMax and LineMax vision technologies quickly and accurately locate fiducials and edges under a variety of lighting, positioning, and part variation conditions. Included calibration tools compensate for the smallest optical distortions and non-linear motion system errors to obtain high system level accuracy.

Automated routines accelerate time to value

Complex set up, calibration, and process adjustments can lead to extended commissioning times and costly delays. Using automated set up routines, such as built-in motion diagnostics and patented calibration techniques, AlignPlus delivers consistent performance across lines, shortens commissioning time without requiring field vision experts.

Cross station calibration
Scalable architecture

Scalable and flexible architecture improves ROI

AlignPlus’ scalable architecture is designed to easily add more alignment stations and cameras without confronting the complexity and expense of additional controllers. It supports selecting from a broad range of Cognex or 3rd party cameras, and IPC configurations for optimal price and performance. Standard ethernet TCP/IP interface means AlignPlus can work with most stages and robots.

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