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Smartphone-Based Mobile Scanning Solutions Transforming Business

Smartphone-based mobile solutions for barcode reading are new in the marketplace, but they bring with them huge potential to transform many diverse areas of business. With them, the act of reading barcode data can be made simpler, cheaper and more flexible. Additionally, there are associated benefits and efficiencies across software development, finance, human resourcing, and business agility. Indeed, an integrated smartphone-based mobile barcode system can form part of an effective Internet of Things-connected network that can help companies embrace the possibilities of Industry 4.0.

In this whitepaper, we will look at smartphone-based mobile barcode scanning technology, and how the vast range of industries and use cases can be transformed. We will also detail why they are fast becoming the best option for any company looking at refreshing their scanning set-up, compared to existing purpose-built mobile readers or other scanning equipment that will soon become obsolete.

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