Reads distorted and otherwise challenging text

The Blue Read tool is used in manufacturing, packaging, and logistics lines to read deformed and poorly-marked characters. Traditional OCR algorithms are fine for clean text on rigid, high contrast backgrounds, but they struggle with skewed ink jet print on deformable packages, or low contrast text stamped in metal. OCR applications that were previously impossible to automate are now possible with the Blue Read tool. Blue Read works right out of the box, without the complex setup of traditional OCR tools, or the need to train from hundreds of samples like many deep learning approaches.

OCR Example of metal on metal code

Solves a wide range of challenging industrial OCR applications

Blue Read uses artificial intelligence in a manufacturing environment to solve the most challenging OCR applications such as dot peens codes on metal parts, embossed characters on injection molded products, laser etched codes on electronic components, ink jet markings on crumpled food packages or cylindrical bottles, label-based codes on packaging, low contrast characters, and codes on confusing backgrounds.

Pre-trained, for show-and-go reading

The Blue Read tool is pre-trained by Cognex to recognize hundreds of different alphanumeric fonts. Just show it a few examples of your particular markings so it knows what to look for, and it’s ready to read. No more complicated and unstable image filtering like rule-based readers require. And unlike other deep learning approaches, there’s no need to collect hundreds of training images to create the font. Just show and go.

Blue-Read tool OCR software screenshot


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