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In-Sight 3D-L4000 Applications

Automotive Applications

Brake pad inspection

Inspect the gap width for the brake pad and also inspect the angle of the beveled edges.

Connecting rod inspection and location

Locate the connecting rod on the belt using PatMax3D and measure the dimensions to ensure there are no part defects.

Glue bead inspection

Determine the height, width, volume, and continuity of glue beads.

Electric vehicle battery inspection

Detect dents, scratches, and other potential defects on the surface of an EV battery.

Extruded rubber splice detection

Locate the splice edge and verify the edge is straight on spliced rubber for tires.

Flush and gap inspection

Detect the proper alignment between the door and car body, while ensuring the gap between the two is consistent.

Electronics Applications

Connector pin height inspection

Verify the correct number of pins on the connector and ensure the pins are in the correct position while being free from damage or tilted.

Carrier flatness inspection

Determine if chips are correctly seated inside the carrier tray by measuring position and flatness.

Food and Beverage Applications

Package inspection

Determine the presence or absence of the part in packaging. Then, verify the volume of the package ensuring the correct amount.

Cookie defect detection

Verify the uniformity of cookies by measuring the length, width, and height. Plus, inspect for defects such as breaks or cracks in the cookies.

Item location

Inspect packages to determine correct number and proper orientation, including they have not fallen down. Also, check for defects in the packaging such as dents or tears.

Cap inspection

Ensure the bottle is properly sealed by checking the height and tilt angle of the bottle cap.

Consumer Packaged Goods Applications

Cap inspection

Verify the presence and position of the cap by checking the height and tilt to determine if it is screwed on correctly.

Fill level inspection

Inspect the height and volume of the contents to ensure that the correct amount of product is in each container.

Flooring inspection

Inspect floorboards for orientation using the tongue. Check for defects along the surface including gouges, bowing, splits, and knotholes.

Packaging quality inspection

Verify the box is intact and sealed while inspecting for potential quality issues such as crushed corners, tears, or open flaps.



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