In-Sight 9902 Line Scan Vision System

In-Sight 9902L Specifications

Image Type Monochrome
Job/Program 7.2 GB non-volatile flash memory
Image Processing Memory 512 MB SDRAM
Additional Storage 8 GB SD card, network drive via FTP over gigabit network
Sensor Type CMOS, global shutter
Resolution (pixels) 2048 x 1; 2048 x 16384 (up to 16384 lines) software configurable, or 1024 x 1; 1024 x 16384 (up to 16384 lines) software configurable
Line Rate 66K lines per second (15 µs scan rate)
Lens Type C-mount only
Indicator LEDs SD card status, pass/fail LED and 360° viewing indicator ring, network LED, and error LED
Built-in IO 1 dedicated trigger in, 1 input, 2 outputs
Encoder Input 2 encoder line inputs for quadrature support
Encoder Input Voltage 5–24 VDC
Power 24 VDC
Industrial M12 Connectors Power/IO; Ethernet; External light power/control (N/A)
Protection IP67 with C-mount lens cover
Network Communications 1G (1000)/100/10 Mbps
Protocols OPC UA, EtherNet/IP with AOP, PROFINET Class B, iQSS, Modbus TCP, SLMP/SLMP Scanner, IEEE 1588 (CIP Sync), Rockwell Add-On Profile, CC-Link IE Field Basic
IEEE 1588 Support Timestamp resolution: 8 ns; Synchronization accuracy through transparent clock: 5 ns
Rockwell Add-on Profile Yes
Vision Tools Full vision tool suite with PatMax. Optional PatMax RedLine tool.
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