Vaccine Kit Package Printing Inspection

Detect cosmetic or printing defects

Machine vision system reading OCR codes on vaccine kits

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Whether wrapped or not, there is typically a lot of printing on the secondary container, including text, logos, and artwork. Labelling and printing onto these surfaces can be challenging due to packaging substrates and the size or font of text, artwork or codes that need to be applied. Some surfaces may be reflective, curved, and hard to mark.

Given the complexity of the package’s visual appearance, quality control typically involves checking a sample of packages on the line against a golden model, generally kept offsite. This is a complex and time-consuming process.

Poorly printed, hard to read, or faulty codes, text, or artwork can lead to customer dissatisfaction and in some cases product recalls.

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Optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV) can read and confirm printed information and verify the quality of mandatory printed elements such as logos, date/lot information, and other graphics. These code reading tools are available in a wide range of Cognex In-Sight vision systems.

Challenging text strings are often best addressed with Cognex AI tools. The OCR tool reliably deciphers human-readable codes marked on challenging surfaces and under variable lighting conditions. Using the pre-trained font library, the OCR tool reliably reads characters such as a smeared inkjet-printed code on a curved surface. The defect detection tool detects cosmetic defects such as scratches, blotches, color variations, and other damage at the same time.

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