2D Code Reading on Integrated Circuits

Decipher damaged, degraded, or low contrast 2D codes for improved traceability


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Lead frames are a thin layer of metal that connects the wiring from tiny electrical terminals on the semiconductor surface to the large-scale circuitry on electrical devices and circuit boards. The chip is wire-bonded to the metal leads of that lead frame. 2D Data Matrix barcodes are often laser-scribed onto each lead frame so the frame and chip can be tracked throughout the entire assembly and finishing process. Often, these codes can be very challenging to read due to degradation during production and low contrast and reflectivity of the metal background.

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Cognex DataMan image-based barcode readers are equipped with industry-leading algorithms and ESD-safe protective housing to reliably read 2D Data Matrix codes, even in the most challenging of conditions. Flexible lighting and optics provide the clearest images and highest read rates, withstanding a host of installation and lighting limitations. Data Matrix technology, which has become the standard in traceability applications, stores all necessary information regarding the lead frame, such as manufacturer, product ID, lot number, and even a unique serial number to ensure efficient traceability.

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