Electric Vehicle Batteries

Cell Stacking Height Measurement

3D machine vision measures the height of stacked EV battery cell sheets

EV Battery Cell Stacking Height Measurement

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During packaging, pouch cells are stacked inside their prismatic casing. These cells need to be stacked evenly and in perfect alignment in order to function properly as an EV battery. To do this, a 3D laser displacement sensor must measure the height difference between the aluminum pouches as they are placed inside a module case to confirm that they are flush with one another. This requires highly accurate gauging of critical dimensions.

To verify dimensions, two Cognex DS1000 3D sensors travel along the top of the case, generating a profile in x and z. By measuring and comparing z-dimensions, the sensors can detect any difference in height between the cell sheets. The sensors also compute the gap width between the two vertical edges (x dimension), to ensure it falls within an established tolerance. Precise measurements can also be exported, along with profile data, for quality management and process control to tune the automation equipment upstream.

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