Kitting inspection

Ensure proper consumer products are accurately assembled

Kitting inspection identifies missing item

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For certain packaging applications, manufacturers must rely upon visual inspection to ensure the quality of final assembly. Visual variations of products can cause complications for an automated inspection system. The inspection system must successfully verify that the correct consumer product is in the correct location in the package. This is the case for many kitting applications, where the inspection system must be able to identify, count, and classify different items pre-assembly with varying package orientations, reflective surfaces, and complex geometries.

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AI-based solutions automate the task of locating, identifying, and classifying multiple features within a single image. It generalizes the distinguishing features of various items based on their size, shape, and surface features. A user can train the part location and assembly verification tool to locate each type of item that will need to be found. Once trained, the image can be split into different regions where the tool will check for the presence of an item as well as verify that it is of the correct type. Multiple configurations can also be created for situations where a single line may have variations in packaging. In this way, a user can automate the verification of packaging using just one tool.

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