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Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK Reduces Scan Time for Financial App from Minutes to Milliseconds

FamIT Technologies and Solutions developed a mobile phone application for scanning receipts, a common practice in some Eastern European countries

Between wrinkled terminal paper, complex codes, uneven surfaces, and inconsistent lighting, scanning QR codes on receipts with a mobile application is a difficult process.

Read how software developer and founder of FamIT Technologies and Solutions (FamIT), Nikola Arsvoski, utilized the Cognex Mobile Barcode Software Development Kit (cmbSDK) to create a versatile barcode scanning app. to scan complex codes in challenging environments. 

The cmbSDK enabled FamIT to:

  • Scan damaged, low-contrast and complex QR codes
  • Allocate resources to active users
  • Increase their rating on application stores
  • Exceed 4,000 app. downloads

After implementing the cmbSDK, Arsovski was scanning codes faster than he could get them into the field of view.


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