Innovative edge learning technology brings the power of artificial intelligence to Life Sciences OEMs

The Advantage 182 is a next-generation vision system that can be deployed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the life sciences industry. Embedded with edge learning tools, Advantage182 is the first vision system of its kind to utilize artificial intelligence to enable OEMs to automate complex diagnostic tasks and delivering highly accurate results, directly on the device. The Advantage 182 may be integrated into large automated systems to perform visual inspections and code reading, including locating, classifying and inspecting objects and features.

Computer monitor with software interface showing test tubes under inspection

Automate any task with all-in-one vision system

The Advantage 182 is embedded with advanced machine vision, barcode reading, and edge learning capabilities to automate a variety of tasks — from simple presence/absence to high-precision alignment, and complex color inspections. So whether reading 1D and 2D codes on vials, running deck inspections, or detecting the buffy coat in blood samples, Advantage 182 offers OEMs an all-in-one solution to address even their most challenging needs.

Customize hardware or select from standard configurations

The Advantage 182 provides OEMs with the ultimate flexibility in building custom solutions. Scalable hardware, including multiple optics and illumination options, allows users to quickly integrate the solution into their existing operations. All hardware components offer revision control, which protects investments over the long term and eliminates duplicate activity by giving users the ability to repurpose previous work. In addition to customization, Advantage 182 offers the convenience of standard configurations. These pre-qualified hardware options can speed up the prototyping and productization process. Based on working distance and field of view specifications, you can quickly find the optimal configuration for your application.

Thumbnail images of deck inspection, buffy coat segmentation and HIL inspection applications
Diagram showing vision solution with multiple components compared to single Advantage vision system

Speed up development with easy-to-use AI

Embedded with innovative edge learning tools, Advantage 182 automates and scales challenging inspection tasks. Using a pre-trained set of AI-based algorithms, the tools solve complex applications in minutes. They are easy to configure, requiring as few as five to ten training images, and can easily be adapted as needs change. Equipped with these powerful tools, life sciences OEMs can run highly reliable inspections of biological samples, like blood and tissue, that generate precise data for further analysis.

Extensive industry experience and worldwide support network

Cognex serves a global OEM base through a network of in-house engineers located across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. From feasibility to deployment, OEMs rely on Cognex to design, build, and implement high-performance, vision-enabled equipment – with no non-recurring engineering fees. Through industry-proven solutions and strong investments in research and development, Cognex enables the life sciences industry to meet current and future lab automation challenges.

Woman in white lab coat examines specimen under industrial microscope in lab environment

No Cognex system is a medical device or accessory to a medical device nor is intended for diagnosis or treatment purposes and has not been cleared or approved for use by the Food & Drug Administration.



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