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PatMax RedLine

Increase resolution and accuracy for geometric pattern-matching without sacrificing speed

PatMax RedLine sets a new standard for pattern-matching speed and accuracy in a standalone vision system. To keep pace with productions lines, many manufacturers must trade speed for lower resolutions cameras. But unlike other vision tools which impose speed limitations, PatMax RedLine performs just as fast, if not faster, on high-resolution vision systems.

PatMax Redline offers the pattern-matching excellence of PatMax, but designed to deliver blazing fast speeds, especially for high resolution images. Best of all, there is no loss of search accuracy or robustness. PatMax Redline finds trained patterns in run-time images no matter what combination of transformations – in size, rotation, or location – the pattern has undergone.

PatMax RedLine is ideal for industries and applications that require:
  • Large fields of view (FOV) and regions of interest
  • High accuracy
  • Large angle and scale tolerances
  • Multiple targets

PatMax Redline marries high-performance with high-resolution analysis. With its fast and accurate pattern-matching, PatMax RedLine eliminates the tradeoff between speed and accuracy, so customers don’t have to compromise on performance.

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