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PatMax Object Location

The industry gold standard for part and feature location provides accuracy and repeatability

PatMax object location pattern matching tool finding part multiple times

Originally patented in 1997 as the first geometric pattern-based object location technology for machine vision, Cognex PatMax is the industry’s leading pattern-matching tool. PatMax learns an object’s geometry using a set of boundary curves that are not tied to a pixel grid, and then looks for similar shapes in the image without relying on specific gray levels. The result is a revolutionary improvement in the ability to accurately find objects despite changes in angle, size, and shading. 

PatMax offers three key features that distinguish it from other pattern-matching technologies:
  • High-speed location of objects whose appearance is rotated, scaled, and/or stretched
  • Location technology based on object shape, not on grey-scale values
  • Very high accuracy and robustness

As a result, PatMax finds trained patterns in run-time images no matter what combination of transformations the pattern has undergone. Manufacturers around the world rely on PatMax to find objects whose appearance varies by size, rotation, and location.

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