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Xpand Technology

Increases barcode reader field-of-view coverage by over 50%

Xpand Technology

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The Xpand™ technology expansion accessory uses an innovative optical design to increase the field-of-view coverage of a single DataMan® barcode reader by over 50%. With this technology, retail distribution, ecommerce fulfillment, and airport baggage handling applications can be solved using fewer readers, simplifying project installation and reducing overall cost.

Engineered for Logistics Applications

The pressure for logistics operations to increase productivity and reduce costs has never been greater. Cognex image-based barcode readers are optimized with patented algorithms to ensure continuously high read rate performance of 1-D and 2-D symbologies, regardless of size, quality, printing method, or surface. Adding Xpand allows a single unit to cover more of the belt from a shorter working distance for efficient sorting of goods.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Xpand technology is compatible with DataMan 360, 470 and 503 series barcode readers. It is available in four different model sizes to fit a large variety of application requirements.


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