PCB Inspection

2D and 3D machine vision systems inspect PCBs for the proper number, size, and placement of components

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Once the printed circuit board is populated, the PCBs must be inspected for the proper number, size, and placement of components. Improperly applied solder paste and wrongly positioned components can impact a PCB’s performance and lifespan.

Cognex machine vision technology verifies that that solder paste has been properly dispensed and IC components have been correctly positioned and placed. Cognex vision technology also performs PCBA inspection, verifying that populated PCBs are defect-free and meet strict quality standards.

  • Solder Paste Inspection: Machine vision checks for slumped or scavenged print, bridging, and peaking. Vision checks solder paste location and shape for closed-loop control of the PCB screen printing process.
  • Surface Mount Device Inspection: Machine vision inspects lead length, width, pitch, bent, lead absence, chip size, and ball position, size, and pitch.
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): A visual test of the populated board inspects placement of parts and detects missing, reversed, or incorrect components.

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