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Label Damage Inspection

Identify torn, damaged, and missing labels

Label Damage Inspection

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Quality inspections ensure that product labeling is defect- and error-free. During the labeling process, many defects are hard to detect due to their orientation on the belt. For the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, common form factors like the curved surfaces of cans and bottles can also confuse inspection systems. Manufacturers must diagnose and correct label damage as it happens in order to prevent downtime and machine assists.

Cognex vision systems confirm the presence, accuracy, and readability of labels, flagging defects and labels attached outside the smart camera’s field of view. The In-Sight 8000 vision system with feature extraction technology creates high-contrast images to catch wrinkles, rips, bubbles, or other flaws. Additional vision tools compare labels for consistency and quality in size, shape, color, and texture to help diagnose and correct errors as they happen. These quality control measures reduce error and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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