AlignSight Features

AlignSight sensors offer an affordable solution for solving vision-guided robotic (VGR) and stage alignment applications. Packaged as a self-contained alignment solution, these alignment sensors deliver high levels of accuracy without the need for an external controller to run the application.

Compact in form factor, AlignSight is easy to set up and calibrate enabling quick location and alignment of patterns and fiducials, even under adverse conditions or high level of degradation. With high accuracy, automatic hand-eye calibration, flexible robot integration library, and PLC integration, AlignSight is the preferred choice for machine builders, systems integrators, and end users in the electronics industry in need of highly accurate robot and stage alignment for assembly and process applications.

Robot-mount and fixed-camera configurations for AlignSight

Vision Guided Robotics (VGR)

Using robots to perform pick & place and machine tending tasks has become commonplace in electronics manufacturing. AlignSight sensors provide support for vision-guided robotic applications through either one or more fixed-mount cameras for guided pick/guided place and grip correction; as well as robot-mounted configurations where the camera moves in conjunction with the robot. Common applications include:

  • Insertion of various shaped connectors onto substrate
  • Mounting of various shaped parts on a housing
  • Loading/unloading of parts to/from testing machine

Stage Alignment

Many manufacturing processes in the electronics market require the speed and precision only a stage can provide. AlignSight enhances pre-alignment, fiducial and global alignment for assembly and process machines. The sensors support one or two camera configurations for stage alignment. Common applications include:

  • Module Assembly
  • Drillers
  • Laser
  • Dispensers
Diagrams of single, multi, and shuttling camera and shuttling part solutions
PatMax technology locating a part on a confusing background

High performance

Manufacturers in the electronics industry require not only precision, but also the need for their machines to perform well despite variations in the manufacturing process. Using patented PatMax vision technology, AlignSight accurately, quickly, and consistently locates parts, fiducials, and patterns so production moves smoothly.

Achieve faster deployment through simple setup

Manufacturers expect their automation lines to be up and running as soon as possible to maintain efficiency and get products to market on time and in volume. Simple to deploy, AlignSight enables the automation engineer or system integrator to get their application into production faster through quick set-up, testing, and validation. No need for a vision engineer. Quickly calibrate a robot or stage with AlignSight using Cognex Auto-Calibration technology with just a single click.

AlignSight software screen
Robot picking up an electronics part using Cognex machine vision system

Small footprint means easy integration

Optimizing floor space is important, so automation equipment must be compact. With its built-in camera, processing and I/O, AlignSight enables machine builders and systems integrators to save panel space and minimize overall machine footprint by eliminating the need for a separate PC or controller to run the alignment application.

Machine integration

Unlike controller-based solutions that require a separate HMI unit, AlignSight can be set-up and controlled through the automation machine’s HMI by using the AlignSight Software Developer Kit (ASDK). Users can run sensor setup, control sensor settings, manage recipes, and train patterns with a custom developed HMI.

AlignSight flow diagram
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