Food and Beverage

Cap Height and Skew Inspection

Machine vision systems verify cap height, placement, and skew for
proper assembly

Cap height skew inspection

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Bottle manufacturers fill, cap, and seal products rapidly. After liquid fill levels are inspected for uniformity, machine vision inspections determine whether the cap is placed correctly and the safety ring is properly torqued. Caps that are not properly sealed compromise safety and quality and damage brand loyalty.

Vision systems can verify cap height and skew with multi-dimensional imaging. The In-Sight 7000 vision system with edge detection technology measures the distance between the top of the cap and the neck of the bottle, as well as the horizontal position of the top of the cap, to confirm they meet the programmable limit. In this way, the vision system can determine whether the cap is screwed on tightly to the safety seal. Bottles which fail the cap height and skew inspection are rejected.

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