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Post-assembly Verification

Machine vision performs post-assembly verification to ensure that mobile device components are properly installed and meet quality parameters

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Most final steps of device assembly require highly accurate post-assembly verification measurements that include:

  • Glue/tape dispense volume and placement
  • Component-display clearance
  • Screw insertion depth
  • Display seating level
  • Display gap measurement
  • Assembled button height check

Common steps within these stages include display gap measurement, adhesive volume check, and housing quality inspection. These post-assembly verification steps often require combining data from multiple measuring devices, which can entail a time-consuming data calibration process that requires highly skilled technicians.

Cognex 2D and 3D calibration technology cuts the time required for these final assembly stages from hours to minutes. A procedure that would typically take skilled operators hours to manually adjust can be accomplished in just minutes with little added skill-set. Every dimension of the module is captured with a higher resolution by bringing multiple sensors together during measurement, volume, and clearance checks.

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