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In-Sight vision system optimizes envelope insertion system

Sigloch Distribution cognex dataman image inspect

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Postal dispatch company Sigloch Distribution can no longer rely on spot checks to verify accuracy of address data on the envelopes it processes. To remain ahead of the competition, Sigloch installed In-Sight® vision systems on its envelope insertion machine to ensure accuracy and meet aesthetic demands for envelope enclosures.

Sigloch’s envelope insertion machine inserts up to seven enclosures in pre-prepared envelopes. The insertion system is extremely flexible and achieves a peak work-rate of 16,000 insertions per hour. In-Sight vision systems help Sigloch’s machine achieve this rate by delivering great reading performance on Data Matrix codes that are as small as a few millimeters.

Ease of use and flexibility help save time

The In-Sight vision systems compare pre-defined characteristics of two or more products that are brought together on the assembly line. Thanks to the easy-to-use In-Sight Explorer vision software, machine operators can quickly and easily redefine the position of the 2-D Data Matrix codes as well as human-readable alphanumeric print to facilitate reading applications. The autofocus function allows operators to switch between different product loads easily. Changeovers used to take several hours, now they are completed in less than 45 minutes. The operators control the system from a monitor equipped with the In-Sight Explorer user interface on a PC.

Compact system

The compact construction and flexibility of the In-Sight vision systems allows them to be repositioned on the envelope insertion machine in just a few simple steps. This makes it easy to correctly identify the widest variety of address and code positions, even when the address data are on the back page of the enclosures. Envelopes inserted in the transport system are rotated through 180 degrees and during this rotational movement the In-Sight is able to read alphanumeric print and 2-D codes in fractions of a second, even through a reflecting sheet of Perspex.

Convincing performance

Integrated field-replaceable lighting with five different color variants offer maximum flexibility in the widest variety of applications. The In-Sight vision system is easily adapted to special applications and offers the most robust measuring, code reading and inspection tools in the flexible EasyBuilder environment. Operators can easily set up and install any inspection, fault recognition, control, alignment or measuring application. New tools such as OCRMax® help the in-Sight achieve the highest reading rates of alphanumeric characters. The small size, autofocus function, ease of use, fast picture capture and the integrated lens make In-Sight vision systems perfect for industrial applications.

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