Decoding a Barcode

There are many types of barcode scanners on the market that address the many applications that use barcodes. Decoding capability, performance reliability and communications are key to getting the data into the system. 

Ranking barcode readers

The most important way to rank barcode reader performance is by its read rate. Read rate is the number of barcodes read divided by the number attempted. It’s usually expressed as a percentage and the closer to 100%, the better. Read rate is the best measure of how reliable and robust the reader is to the barcodes seen on the factory floor.

Barcode quality feedback

In many production lines, it is important to maintain the barcode print quality at a high level to ensure that the code can be read by other readers in the product distribution chain. Image-based readers can provide this feedback on every code they read.

Extracting the data

After marking the part or product and reading the code, the data is stored or used within the plant or distribution center’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System). If available, Ethernet communication is the fastest and most reliable method of data transfer.

Cognex barcode readers offer high read rates, industrial connectivity, and reliable performance, and come in many shapes and sizes:

From the smallest and highest performing fixed-mount readers for direct part mark and high-speed code reading, to the widest range of handheld readers, Cognex has the solution for you.


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