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In-Sight Laser Profiler Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Generating a single profile, Cognex In-Sight® Laser Profilers are ideal for inspections and measurements which challenge 2D (x,y) vision systems and don’t require full 3D vision systems. In-Sight Laser Profilers can quickly solve many factory automation problems by applying advanced vision tools to x- and z- dimensional information. Key applications include height, width, gap, area, angle, and presence/absence. Cognex In-Sight Laser Profilers thrive in low-contrast, poorly lit, and variable color environments that are difficult for traditional 2D vision solutions. Sensors are factory calibrated, providing measurements in real-world units for precise metrology applications. Profiler data can be used for gauging, inspection, and quality management and process control

In-Sight Laser Profiler Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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