How to Convert Robot Rotation Angles for Poses TXT Files

VisionPro software example on monitor of robot rotation angle from poses.txt file

A robot orientation is decided by a combination of rotations in X, Y, and Z direction. It’s easy to understand the X, Y, Z coordinates at a high-level, however, different manufacturers use different conventions for describing the orientation of their robots, which introduces a layer of complexity in the deployment process. This video explains how to convert robot-rotation angles into X,Y, and Z moving access format for use in the Poses.txt file, a process that provides critical parameters to industrial robotics applications designed in the Cognex VisionPro software suite. 

While VisionPro supports a wide variety of robotic systems from top industrial automation robot manufacturers, developers may find themselves working with unsupported robots. These robots may measure rotation angles in radians, which must be converted into degrees for use in the Poses.txt file. 

The process of conversion starts with creating a ToolBlock in the VisionPro QuickBuild Job Editor tool by clicking on the toolbox icon, which opens a window with tabs for inputs and outputs. 

The next step is to create a simple script that will perform the conversion. This script runs in C#. The video shows how to find the correct tools and execute the proper commands to complete a conversion from radians to degrees. It also provides multiple options for converting angle measurements in VisionPro.

Once the script is complete, the final step is to return to the ToolBlock and use the inputs tab to generate outputs that can be used in the Poses.txt file.

Watching this video helps application developers to better understand the relationship between the X,Y, and Z, coordinates of a robot's orientation and enables them to easily convert varying rotation angles to a usable format. 

Note: The tutorial assumes familiarity with Euler angles, which can be used to orient the rotation angles on devices like robotic arms. It also assumes basic C# scripting skills.

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