When Selecting a Barcode Reader, Don't Overlook Your Set-Up Tool Software

Good software simplifies the installation and operation of any image-based barcode reader. Set-up needs to be fast and easy in order to deploy readers quickly across an entire operation. Features like step-by-step guidance, application assistants, and intelligent auto-tuning can help get operators running new software quickly and painlessly. Cognex prides itself on offering every DataMan customer easy, efficient setup and operation with its DataMan Setup Tool software. So the next time you’re shopping for a new image-based barcode reader, keep these top four most important attributes in mind:

Intelligent functions and features

The DataMan Setup Tool shows read result history and captures images in real time for user review. Intelligent auto-tuning automatically adjusts lighting, height, and other variable conditions for codes on various parts and surfaces.

Application assistants provide visual guidance

Basic and advanced visual application guidance quickly and reliably optimizes complex parameters for simple and challenging barcode reading applications. Application assistants help select the correct trigger source, defining exposure and interval settings.

Smart data collection and performance feedback

Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI) transforms big data into smart data to improve overall equipment efficiency, speed, and throughput. EI is integrated with Cognex devices and logistics tunnels to streamline device management and provide a visual dashboard of system performance so operators can identify and resolve issues quickly.

Barcode verification

For barcode verifiers, the DataMan Setup Tool software calculates an overall code grade based on several quality parameters. Detailed results show whether codes meet industry standards and auto-generated reports can be used to demonstrate compliance, as well as help pinpoint printing and process control issues.

For more information on the DataMan SetUp Tool, download the latest software.

Caroline Smart

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