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Get a Handle on Barcode Reading Fundamentals

The ubiquitous barcode has become critical for just about every company that makes, moves or sells product. Thanks to advances in marking and reading technology, the speed with which barcodes can be applied and read enables improved traceability of materials, work-in-process and finished goods. The need to move goods faster and track them more precisely throughout the supply chain from producer to customer has driven the development of new barcode symbologies and improvements in code marking and printing technologies. At the same time, substantial advancements have been achieved in barcode reading technology.

Though all of these developments have increased the potential performance that can be achieved in product identification, they have also increased the complexity involved in selecting and applying product identification technology. To help you get a handle on the fundamentals of barcode reading technology, Cognex recently produced an introductory webinar that explains barcode reading technologies that make it possible to achieve maximum read rates and can increase throughput and production efficiency while reducing rework. If you view the webinar, entitled “Back to Basics: An Introduction to Industrial Barcode Reading”, you should walk away with a better understanding of the different types of 1-D and 2-D barcodes. You’ll also become familiar with common barcode terminology and applications, as well as the pros and cons of printed codes and Direct Part Marking (DPM) methods such as dot peen, electro-chemical etch and laser marked. The webinar covers laser scanning and image-based barcode reader technology, and will introduce you to concepts such as pixels per module, liquid lens technology, and lighting options.

You’ll also learn about communications protocols such as Ethernet, RS-232 and USB and industrial protocols such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus and PROFINET, and the importance of cutting edge algorithms that make it possible to read some of the toughest codes. The Back to Basics webinar is available now available for streaming at your convenience. You can access this webinar as well as many others in the Cognex of on-demand webinars.

Watch the on-demand webinar Back to Basics: An Introduction to Industrial Barcode Reading or download the Cognex Barcode Reader Product Guide to find out more about DataMan barcode readers. If you'd like purchasing information, get Product Pricing or contact your local Cognex sales representative.

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