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Presentation Scanning During Retail Delivery

Rapid and accurate scanning and tracking for high volume delivery drivers

DataMan 370 reads codes on cartons during retail delivery

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Retail delivery will present distributors with one of their greatest traceability challenges. Tracking packs or cartons from the warehouse to their final points of sale requires rapid scanning while on-the-go. Scanning by hand is too burdensome due to the volume of scans and environmental changes, which present lighting variables.

Automated systems inside delivery vans help to minimize downtime and speed delivery. The Cognex DataMan 360 fixed-mount barcode reader mounts conveniently inside utility doors, with a self-trigger feature to help couriers rapidly scan codes within their normal range of motion. Audible and visual indicators on the device provide performance feedback for each package to ensure a successful scan. With industry-leading read rates from a range of distances and angles and through a variety of common wrapping materials, the DataMan 360 helps drivers complete deliveries efficiently and accurately. Mounted tablets running INEXTEND software provide detailed package information, automated tracking, and audit capabilities to meet traceability requirements.

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