Tipping Paper Alignment and Glue Detection

Ensure tipping paper is aligned and glue applied correctly to avoid waste and obstructions

Cigarette Tipping Paper Alignment and Glue Detection

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White or yellow tipping paper is rolled around and secured to the cigarette rod to form the completed cigarette. To avoid defects in this process, tobacco manufacturers must ensure the tipping paper is properly aligned, and the glue applied to the correct location. This inspection can be a challenging to automate due to difficult environmental conditions inside the cigarette making machine. There is very little space inside the machine and little or no external light. The machine is also operating at extremely high speed and must be stopped quickly when a defect is detected.

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Cognex’s In-Sight 2000 vision sensor is ideal for solving this dual inspection. It has a very small form factor, just 92 x 60 x 52mm, allowing it to be mounted in tight spaces. The powerful integrated lighting and optics provide high-contrast, high-resolution images at close working distance. Using this optimal image, the sensor is able to inspect the tipping paper alignment and detect the glue. The In-Sight 2000 delivers inspection results to a PLC, stopping the machine quickly in the event of a defect to avoid waste and potential clogs in the cigarette making machine.

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