Pack Pull Detection

Confirm pulls are applied and sealed to preserve freshness and protect from humidity

Cigarette Pack Pull Detection

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After a cigarette pack is assembled is it sealed with aluminum and paper wrapping, or “pulls”. The purpose of these pulls is to preserve cigarette freshness and protect from humidity. If the pulls are not present, or positioned incorrectly, it can affect the quality of the cigarettes damaging the brand reputation and causing product returns.

Therefore, it is important in tobacco manufacturing to ensure the cigarette pack pulls are applied and sealed perfectly. However, this inspection can be challenging. There are different kinds of pulls: aluminum, white paper and black paper whose shiny or matte appearance can be difficult to image together. Space in the pack making machine is also very limited and there is limited or no external light to illuminate the inspection area. The packs are also travelling at high speed.

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Using the histogram tool, the In-Sight 7800 inspects for uneven or missing reflections that indicate a bad pack. Mounted behind an external bar light, the vision system delivers the high resolution, speed and large FOV required to reliably inspect cigarette pulls travelling at high speed around the assembly wheel. The integrated lens with IP67-rated lens cover protects the system from debris in the dirty cigarette making machine. The In-Sight 7800 is configured using In-Sight Explorer software that is easy to use and deploy and easily integrates into factory automation environments.

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