Label Placement Guidance and Verification

Enable intelligent placement and verification of labels on packages

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Label placement on packages is important for logistics companies to ensure proper traceability and efficient delivery. If a label is placed incorrectly, it can impact readability, causing missed shipments or manual rework, which can be costly and time-consuming. Or if a label is placed on an uneven surface, it can easily fall off or become creased or ripped.

However, it can be challenging to find an appropriate spot for a label on a package due to the range of content and labels that may already be present.

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The Cognex Label Placement Guidance and Verification System leverages 2D, 3D, and Deep Learning technology to enable the accurate placement of labels and confirmation that labels have been applied correctly and in the right location. These technologies work together to generate the best location candidate for placement of a new label, whether it’s a clear spot on a box or a custom-defined location.

The solution works to identify the best label placement location by capturing a high-resolution image of the package, detecting existing labels and branding designs, and identifying any uneven surfaces like bulges and dents. It can be used before or after the Print and Apply station for both guidance on label placement and/or verification of an applied label.

When labels are applied correctly and in the right location, it helps to ensure that barcodes are readable, reduces manual intervention, and prevents equipment issues (i.e., overhanging labels that can cause jams).

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