Optical Character Recognition and Verification

Captures and verifies date, lot, and expiration and other alphanumeric codes for serialization

Cognex OCR and OCV on pain relief medication boxes on conveyor

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As manufacturers prepare for compliance with global traceability requirements and transition from batch- to item-level serialization, it’s important to keep in mind that compliance requires much more than simply reading codes on labels or parts. Information about manufacturing date, lot, and product expiration must also be associated with serialization data. OCR and OCV technology captures product information printed in human-readable formats at both the batch and item level.

Cognex vision systems read codes located on individual units and cartons, validating alphanumeric text against GS1 linear and DataMatrix codes. OCRMax, a font-trainable OCR and OCV tool, sets industry records for ease of use, read rates, and speed. This powerful algorithm prevents misreads, handles process variations, and provides easy font management with minimal training required. Smart cameras with OCR technology include on-board image processing and are easily configured to deliver results with low demand on additional infrastructures, such as CPU units or embedded PCs.

Key benefits include:
  • Confirms origin, date/lot, expiration, and other manufacturing data
  • Integrated, high-performance image formation systems produce even, diffuse illumination, eliminating the need for costly external lighting
  • Grades against GS1 linear and DataMatrix codes to meet FDA’s UDI label requirements
  • Superior read rates with OCRMax
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