Verify the safe and accurate movement of products and reduce counterfeiting through serialization, track-and-trace, encryption, and authentication

Industries increasingly turn to product security solutions to safeguard their products and meet industry requirements. Cognex’s industrial barcode readers and machine vision systems address these concerns head-on by delivering the industry’s highest read rates, superior quality and assembly inspections, and supply chain protection.

Cognex technology reads, inspects, and verifies product authentication products from the unit level through to cases and pallets , easily exchanging security data with third party software and hardware systems to verify the safe and accurate movement of products. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that deliver coding and printing solutions or product serialization solutions rely on Cognex’s innovative machine vision and barcode reading technologies, extensive industry experience, and global service and support to help them deliver machines that protect customers’ brands.

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Product Security Solutions
Cognex’s image-based barcode reader scanning pallets of beverages logistics

1D and 2D Barcode Reading

Cognex’s image-based barcode readers offer industry-leading 99.9% read rates and industrial connectivity to ensure products are properly tracked and traced throughout the supply chain.

Cognex OCR and OCV on pain relief medication boxes on conveyor

Optical Character Recognition and Verification

Cognex vision systems decode human-readable codes located on individual units and cartons, validating alphanumeric text against GS1 linear and DataMatrix codes.

DataMan production line barcode reading on perfume bottles

Performance Feedback and Code Quality Analysis

DataMan barcode readers provide real time performance feedback, grade the quality of barcode images, and provide valuable process control metrics to help secure the product lifecycle.

Cognex vision validates presence and integrity of codes of pill bottles

Label and Packaging Inspection

Cognex vision systems validate the presence, accuracy, and integrity of codes in order to properly document the chain of custody.

Cognex quality inspection before bundling on conveyor

Product Authentication

Cognex solutions help isolate the source and extent of safety, quality, and counterfeiting problems with authentication technologies.

Cognex insight scanning icecone package along conveyor

Mark and Read Solutions

Cognex machine vision systems are specified into leading mark-and-read equipment from Markem-Imaje, ensuring proper code placement and readability at the point of production.

security wheel pie chart of serialization, track & trace, and authentication

Product Security Regulations

Mounting regulations in the US, EU, and Asia are driving manufacturers to adopt new technologies to secure their supply chains.

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