Parcel Sorting

Accurately sort and ship packages to their final destination with minimum delay

Logistics tunnel reading codes on packages

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To leave the distribution center and head to their end destination, packages need to be routed reliably to the right dock, and the right vehicle. Errors at this point can lead to misdelivery with potential extended travel time for perishable products such as vaccines, which may need to be discarded as a result. In many facilities, the ship sorter is room temperature or even warmer, posing a risk to cold chain products if they are delayed or misrouted. Failure to successfully read a code during sortation may result in manual or delayed processing, costing time and money.

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A Cognex five-sided barcode reading tunnel equipped with DataMan image-based barcode readers reliably decipher codes on package labels no matter their orientation. These sorting and shipping tunnels deliver 99.9% read rates, and when no reads do occur, they store the code images for later root cause analysis and process improvement. These images can also be used to verify what went out through the facility ship sorter.

DataMan readers keep up with high speed operations so perishable cold chain packages spend a minimum amount of time out of a climate-controlled environment, and efficiently reach the correct delivery truck.

DataMan barcode readers are also a reliable solution for single-sided scan points and can be easily expanded to a multi-sided solution to increase capability and reduce manual labor costs.

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