Portioning Inspection

3D displacement sensors inspect portion sizes prior to packaging

Portioning inspection

Similar to bottles and jars, which require uniform fill levels, solid food products must be accurate and even in portion size. Food products which contain multiple items—such as frozen meals, TV dinners, and snack packs—present unique portioning challenges to manufacturers, since there are several parts to inspect. Uncontrolled or inaccurate portion sizes disappoint consumers and damage the manufacturer’s reputation. Catching errors in volume and portioning helps maximize yield and reduce waste while maintaining consistency.

Machine vision solutions measure the volume of food items dispensed during product assembly to ascertain portion size. 3D displacement sensors offer highly accurate 3D volumetric measurements designed to measure portion sizes. 3D calibration allows manufacturers to set portion sizes and cut points during processing so that portions are even and uniform. Cognex 3D displacement sensors are factory-calibrated to provide three-dimensional inspections of food products. Cognex 3D laser displacement sensors scan the dimensions of individual portions to make sure they meet the programmed specifications. This scan allows for a visual check as well as a volume measurement.

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