Barcode quality verification

Reliably grade barcodes to assure GS1 label quality

Barcode Quality Verification

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Food and beverage companies use barcodes to track products from production to the point of sale. Labels may have poorly printed, low-contrast, scratched, or otherwise hard-to-read codes. A failure to scan a code on a package along the supply chain can slow down production lines and cause costly reprints, wasted product, and chargebacks. Many industries with product safety concerns, such as food safety, have quality standards or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines that must be met like ISO/IEC 15415 and GS1 specifications.

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Cognex barcode verifiers grade the quality of 1D and 2D codes to ensure they meet quality standards. Verifiers require proper calibration and use specified lighting to meet ISO standards. An overall grade (usually A through F) is assigned based on several quality parameters such as symbol contrast, modulation, pattern damage, and decodability. By monitoring verification results, code issues can be identified when quality starts to decline so corrective action can be taken right away. Verification software generates reports to certify code quality, limiting costly chargebacks from retailers.

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